Allergy Pals/Allergy Allies

Loved It! My child seems more confident and independent,winter session parent
Talking to people who have the same anxieties helps my child feel not alone,” winter session parent

Camp Blue Spruce and John F. Kennedy University are proud to offer Allergy Pals (ages 9-11) and Allergy Allies (ages 12-15) an online peer mentorship program. The program includes eight weekly one-hour online support sessions. These sessions take place over the Internet, using safe and secure online meeting tools.  Participants are led by peer mentors, ages 18 – 25 with food allergies, under the guidance of a youth program coordinator from John F Kennedy University.

The next session begins in March and provides an opportunity for kids across the country to experience the same sense of community they get at camp. If your child is interested in this amazing opportunity for kids with food allergies, please contact Hayley Collins at the email listed below. She will let you know when the application for the spring session is available.

Connect with campers and other kids with food allergies!

Learn strategies for managing food allergies!

Express Camp Blue Spruce’s core values:

Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Stewardship, & Independence


Allergy Pals and Allies Mentor Opportunity!

Camp Blue Spruce is seeking peer mentors for the Allergy Pals and Allies program this spring. As a mentor, you will make a difference each week by facilitating an environment where the children are free to share their fears, concerns, hopes, and dreams. Young adults ages 18 – 25 are encouraged to apply and make a difference in the lives of kids with food allergies!

This program was created through the Social Support Research Program at the University of Alberta and is used under license by John F. Kennedy University.

For more information, please contact:

Hayley Collins and Elyssa Daum, Program Coordinators, John F. Kennedy University

Hayley:  hcollins or Ellyssa: edaum