What our happy campers and their parents say

“My favorite part was being able to eat as much as I possibly could of everything without worrying or reading labels!” 2015 Camper

“Because of Camp Blue Spruce, I am now less worried about my allergies.” 2015 Camper

“I loved playing Gaga ball” 2015 Camper

“Now I know that more than 100 other people have food allergies, so I don’t feel alone.” 2015 Camper

“Because of Camp Blue Spruce, my daughter doesn’t see herself as different from other kids anymore.”  Camper Parent, 2014

“My daughter became more independent and grew in just one week!” Camper Parent, 2014

“My son feels much stronger and more confident about his ability to handle difficult situations that involve food and require a need for independence.” – Camper Parent, 2014

“My best experience at camp was getting to know other campers.” – Camper Boy, 2014

“I found out that I’m a very outgoing person! I’ve kept some of the enthusiasm that I had at the camp!” – Camper Boy, 2014

“It was a relief to be away from my micro-managing parents for 5 days.” – Camper Teen, 2014

“My experience at Camp Blue Spruce made me feel more comfortable with my food allergies. And, I was happy I could eat worry-free.” – Camper Girl, 2014

Thank you! Again I am beyond grateful for having Camp Blue Spruce for my son! I got a little teary eyed today just feeling happy he was in a safe place.” – 2013 Camper Parent

“My favorite activities were learning to cook, capture the flag, and the creek hike. My least favorite part was sleeping.” – 2013 Camper

My favorite part of camp was being able to high five my friends at the lunch table.” – 2013 Camper

“It’s been such a thrill to have her be able to totally throw herself into the activities at Camp Blue Spruce and have food just be a source of enjoyment rather than worry.” – 2013 Camper Parent

“We were immediately impressed with the camp counselor staff. Even her brother, who attended a well-known Oregon camp earlier in the summer, said ‘your counselors are cool!’” – 2013 Camper Parent

“Everything was great. I never had to think about my allergies!” – 2013 Camper

Because of Camp Blue Spruce, my child felt free of worry and normal for the first time in her life!” – 2013 Camper Parent

I loved meeting other kids who have food allergies. I made some great new friends.” –  2013 Camper

I am deeply appreciative of all your hard work.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – 2013 Camper Parent

 “Dear Camp Blue Spruce, Thank you for the great opportunity for kids with food allergies and their families. I loved all the activities that we did. Also, I loved being able to be just kids and not worrying about the food we ate. Because I loved the first camp so much, here is something to help next year’s camp.” –  Letter received from a 2013 camper with a $20 bill.